ወጣት አርቲስት አፍሪካ ለማ ጅንካ ከተማ ላይ ታሰረ

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 ነሀሰ 5/2008 አርትስት አፍርካ ለማ እና ስምኦን የተባለ ግለሰብ በጅካ ከተማ ባልታወቀ ምክንያት በፖሊስ ቁጥጥር ሥር መዋላቸዉ ተሰማ፡፡ ወጣት አፍሪካ በጠንካራ የኮንሰኛ ግጥሞቹ ከ መታወቁም በላይ ጥገኛ የመንግስ አመራሮችንም በመታገል ጉልህ አስተዋጽኦ ያበረከተ የ ህዝብ ልጅ ነው፡፡ በኮንሶ ከተማ እነድሁም በመላው የ ደቡብ ክልል ውስጥ ሰው ያለ ምንም ክስ/ወንጀል እንደ እንስሳ ተይዞ ወይን ቤት መወርወር አድስ ነገር አይደለም፡፡

ወጣት አፍሪካ ለማ የደረሰበትን ካጣራን በኋላ ዝርዝር መረጃዉን እናቀርባለን፡፡          


  1. Anonymous

    Human beings are made several histories ,since from developmental stages of civilization, primitive lower savagery to upper savagery ,hunter-gathers to …..finally civilized .this is the realities of stages we saw over centuries in the histories,
    The Social changes are dynamics ,keeping on constant forward to the greater achievement of human persons. the ultimate of this progress is happiness of the greater numbers of societies.

    what made section of konso leaders to go beyond the consent of their people ? whose enterst will taken away if the status to be given to the konso people as ZONAL administrative stages ? or those who still looking for top posts may feared exclusions from post?
    as I understands each of US should wishes to that stages.i remember very well,when I was candidate in 2000 it in my manifesto that konso become Zone,not remain as special wereda only.
    Now ,you all brothers and sisters let us put a side our past naïve differences and come up with together as konso community for the sake of feature of better developmental ideas, instead of making bad history which will condemned for ever in histry of human kind….
    THE OTHER WORST ISSUES.. that konso never ever experience that, what prompted people burings of house ,kilings of Abaroba kebele innocent people ? how some people planning such kind senseless distructions of properties and loss of fellow brothers and sisters lives to terminate in such manner ? it is unfortunate, blander ,uncalled for ,act of barbarous ever condemned should with immediate effect should be stopped .
    In any ways not mentioned in Ethiopian sancronsact dispensation that some people mandated to terminates the lives of the fellow brothers and sisters. STOP.

    The Common Good is living in harmonias among our selves, not less not more,but equal in all spheres of social environment of respected and prosperous social settings.
    may or may not some one can abele to do some mistakes.this should not constitute to turng each other, other than setting and convincing each other,…..still negotiating and renegotiating until reaching agreeable stages.
    This Act of hooliganism and skirminition not to penetrate to our respect social may wrong persons generating wrong ideas, all KONSO MEMBER Should condemned such act of killings and burings on ABAROBA KEBELE.

    SAKE DUBA BORALE.marsabit county/awraja/ zone.
    secretary of konso community.

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